• Hard Working Bikes - Hard Working People

  • Tired of bikes that mostly work?

    DuraBike provides bikes that won’t break down

    to people who depend on bikes to do their jobs


  • Benefits

    Public safety demands professional equipment. With decades of experience maintaining bikes in harsh conditions, we know how to build reliable bike fleets.

    Minimize Maintenance


    • How many of your patrol bikes have issues?

    • Tired of wasting time on bike maintenance?

    • Stop riding bikes that mostly work.

    Just Say No


    • Dragging Brakes

    • Skipping Gears

    • Rusty Chains

    • Bent Wheels

    • Flat Tires

    • Discomfort

    Right-Size Your Fleet


    • Own only the number of bikes you use

    • Free up space

    • Buy once - save time & money

  • The Patrol Bike Solution

    DuraBikes feature a sealed gearbox transmission, carbon-belt drive system, low maintenance components,

    and a comfortable frame


    DuraBikes are high-performance work bikes designed to provide a comfortable, upright surveillance posture through an entire shift. Quick shifting, rapid braking, and nimble handling will support even the most demanding rider.


    All aspects of DuraBike's design prioritize durability to maximize your ability to perform your duties.


    DuraBikes are engineered to last longer than typical patrol bikes. Less maintenance, reduced down-time, and fewer replacement parts result in a lower lifecycle cost.

  • Specifications

    Optimize your bike fleet for you unique needs

    Built to Last


    • Sealed gearbox transmission

    • Carbon belt drive

    • Cable disk brakes

    • Tanus tire armor

    • Sturdy kickstand

    • Heavy duty rack

    • Stainless steel cogs & hardware

    • Premium chromoly steel frame

    Built to Perform


    • 27.5" or 29" wheel

    • 2.2" - 2.8" tires

    • Riser handle bars

    • Law enforcement lights and siren

    • 33lbs

    • Dropper post

    • Rigid or suspension fork

  • Differentiators


    You face challenges obtaining patrol bikes that stand up to the unique needs of your department.

    We provide robust, performance bikes you can depend on. Customizable options include wheel sizes, transmissions, racks, lights, and baggage. Need something special? We'd love to hear from you.

    Custom Design

    Uniquely designed from the wheels up to meet the rigors of patrol riders. We understand what working riders need to succeed.

    High-Strength Wheels

    Impact-absorbing spokes laced with symmetrical tension to wider rims & hubs build the most resilient wheels on the market.

    Low Maintenance Drivetrain

    Sealed gearbox transmissions, with 6, 12 or 18 speeds, are the longest lasting geared system on the planet. DuraBikes feature a carbon belt drive that lasts 3x longer than a chain.

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